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  • Alissa Jackson

Mini Bagel Pizzas

This is a complete no-brainer meal but works well when everyone is craving some good ol' comfort food. These mini pizzas can be customized to anyone's liking. We prefer them on GF bagels, and I make mine with cashew cheese. I also prefer the Everything bagels, whereas my kids like the plain bagels.

Start with your choice of bagel. We use the TJs GF bagels. Slice the bagels, butter (if going 100% dairy-free, use ghee or avocado oil), and season with TJs garlic salt. Broil these until golden. Keep a constant eye on these as they will burn quickly.

Next, spread TJ's fresh pizza sauce over the bagel and add toppings. Once the pizzas are topped, place them back under the broiler until the cheese is melted. Again, keep a watchful eye…these brown quickly!!

These are great with a salad for lunch or dinner, and be sure to make extra as they are great in lunchboxes the next day!

Mini Bagel Pizzas

One package of GF bagels sliced in half

Your choice of oil. Butter, ghee or avocado oil is my preference

TJ Garlic Salt Grinder

TJs fresh pizza sauce

Mozzarella of choice (if going dairy-free, I prefer the cashew version)

The toppings are endless, although we usually make these simple with pepperonis and black olives … but here is where you can let your imagination run wild!!

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