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  • Alissa Jackson

Thai-Chicken Jicama Wraps

Many of you may read this and say, what the heck is a Thai-Chicken Jicama wrap? These are just an ordinary "chicken lettuce wrap" like you find at many Asian-style restaurants, only with the ease of using the already prepared and quite sturdy TJs Jicama wraps found in the produce section! (See image below of wraps) They hold up much better than lettuce and have a bright crunch that you will love with the Thai-style filling!

You will want to start by making your wrap filling. I used TJs Ground Turkey, but you could use ground chicken or pork if you prefer! I begin to brown and crumble the meat over high heat. While it is starting to brown, dice up the mushrooms, onion, and water chestnuts. When diced, toss these in with the browning meat and cook together.

Next, make your sauce. Add your Cashew Butter to a bowl. You can most definitely use peanut or sun butter or whatever you prefer. Mix in Soy Sauce/Coconut Aminos, Rice wine vinegar, ginger, Chile Seasame Oil, and Red Boat Sauce and set aside.

Then chop up about a Tablespoon of fresh cilantro. Once the meat and veggies are finished cooking, stir in your sauce and combine. Finally, stir in your cilantro.

We serve this family-style at the table. Jicama wraps on a platter and filling in another. We also like to add our "special" sauce just like they do at PF Changs. See below for those ingredients!!

As you can see, this evening we served it alongside the Thai-Peanut Kale Salad!

This is a super casual and fun meal and I hope your family loves it as much as mine!!

Thai-Chicken Jicama Wraps

1lb Ground meat (I used turkey but you could use chicken, pork or even tofu)

1 package mushrooms, diced

1 medium sweet yellow onion diced

1 can of water chestnuts chopped

1 Tablespoon chopped cilantro


1/4 cup TJs Cashew Butter

2 Tablespoons Coconut Aminos or Soy Sauce

1 Tablespoon Rice Wine Vinegar

1 cube of frozen ginger

1 teaspoon of Chile Seasame Oil

1/2 teaspoon of Red Boat Sauce (or fish sauce)

Topping Sauce:

1/4 cup Coconut Aminos or Soy sauce

2 Tablespoons of Rice wine vinegar

1 teaspoon of Chili Sesame Oil

(If you prefer your sauce sweeter, add some honey)

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