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  • Alissa Jackson

Thai-Peanut Kale Salad

So I can't really take credit for this gem! I was having dinner with my friend, Sally, the other night, and she was raving about a salad that she and her daughter had been eating. So, of course, I had to try it as well! Let me just say it is delicious!! It can be a simple side, or add some salmon or chicken and have it for an entire meal. It is not "spicy" like the dressing claims, but it is completely full of flavor and a massive hit in our house!!

Grab a bowl and throw in the TJs Organic Shredded Kale. I like to quickly pull out any hefty stems left in and throw those away. Then, drizzle the TJs Asian Style Spicy Peanut Vinaigrette over the kale. Toss the greens heavily. The dressing basically needs to be massaged into the kale! (This can be done in a gallon-sized ziplock bag if you prefer.)

The kale is hearty, so you can make this ahead of time if you would like. Prepare the protein while the salad rests if you are adding protein! Before serving (and adding protein if you are doing so), add a sprinkle of TJs Furikake Japanese Multi-Purpose Seasoning and toss again. Be aware, you may want to eat this daily!!

Thai-Peanut Kale Salad

1 Bag of TJs Organic Shredded Kale

1/2 Bottle (or less) of TJs Asian Style Spicy Peanut Vinaigrette

Sprinklings of TJs Furikake Japanese Multi-Purpose Seasoning

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