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About me

My name is Alissa, and many believe that I have a love affair with Trader Joe’s. This isn’t wholly untrue, but the real love affair is the passion for feeding my family fresh and healthy food. The problem with this passion is I, like all of you, have a hectic life. I have two kids, a hardworking husband, a golden retriever, and a partridge in a peartree. I spend my days as a glorified chauffeur, house manager, mask locator, virtual school coordinator, in addition to a part-time side hustler. Every day in my kitchen, I end up after all the hustle and bustle with a group of hungry faces staring at me. This is when many of us grab carryout, frozen pizzas, or feed our families cereal for dinner. Although there is no shame in any of this, my family does not fare well after too many nights of this, and to be completely honest, I miss the creative outlet that meal creation provides!!

This is where my love affair with Trader Joe’s begins! Because of Trader Joe’s, I have learned to take a few shortcuts that Trader Joe’s offers to create quick, easy, and (mostly) healthy meals that my family loves. I am not a chef, a photographer, or a rocket scientist. I am a mom who enjoys the challenge of creating healthy meals for my family. After sharing recipes and recommendations with various friends who are also dealing with massive time constraints, I decided to publish this site to help others striving to get a delicious meal on the table.

My pictures are not prepped in a studio for this blog! They are pictures of the same food that went on our table. It may not be the prettiest meals you have ever seen, but we think they taste quite good, and most are relatively healthy! We have a few dietary restrictions in our family, so I try to include an option in all dishes for as many dietary restrictions as possible. So good luck with the daily grind! I hope this blog and my recipes can help take a bit of the stress away from dinner time. Let’s bring a little fun back to mealtime!

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