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  • Alissa Jackson

Tamago Sushi Bowls

My family was eating these bowls the other night for dinner, and my daughter exclaimed, "This is my favorite meal. I even like these better than mac and cheese." Although these bowls are absolutely delicious, I never thought I would hear her say that she likes anything better than mac and cheese! In addition, to being super easy, this is a fantastic "sushi" bowl for anyone who doesn't love seafood! Tamago is the Japanese word for egg, although it can sometimes be referred to as the Japanese sweet omelet. Since I try not to add sugar to my food, nor do I have time to go to specialty markets, I have adapted the "traditional Tamago" recipe to a "Momma Joe's" style Tamago!!

To begin these bowls, get your base cooking. We prefer the TJs Jasmine rice, but you can use Cauliflower rice or even a noodle/zoodle if you like! While your rice/noodle is cooking, get to chopping. Thinly slice your cucumbers, bell peppers, and cube your cream cheese block. Make sure your edamame is thawed, and slice your avocados.

Next, make your Sriracha Mayo!! This mayo will save, so I always make extra as it is good on everything. I just store it in a mason jar in the refrigerator. Mix your mayonnaise, TJs Sriracha, and TJs Chili Sesame Oil in a small bowl and set aside.

Now, it is time to make your Tamago. Whisk together your eggs (2 eggs per person), chicken stock (sorry, I forgot to put this in the picture), coconut aminos or tamari, date syrup (if you can't find date syrup, you can use white sugar or maple syrup.) Then add just a splash of apple cider vinegar or rice wine vinegar. Just an FYI, the date syrup does make the egg mixture darker than a normal Tamago, so if you want it to look more traditional, use maple syrup or sugar.

Once all ingredients are whisked together, add your choice of oil to your omelet pan to ensure the egg mixture won't stick. Then start cooking like you are making an omelet. Once the bottom of the egg mixture starts to cook, use a spatula and gradually begin to roll the omelet from one side. Continue to roll until the entire omelet is stacked at one end of the omelet pan. Finally, when fully cooked and rolled, slide it off the pan onto a cutting board and slice.

Finally, it is time to build your bowls! Add your bowl base, then top with your cucumbers, edamame, bell peppers, cream cheese, avocados, and Tamago. Then drizzle with a bit of sriracha mayo and TJs Furikake Seasoning and dig in!!

Tamago Sushi Bowls (1 serving)

Your choice of base (steamed rice, cauliflower rice, noodles or zoodles)

2 eggs

2 Tablespoons of chicken or vegetable stock

1 Tablespoon Date syrup (or sugar or maple syrup)

1 splash of coconut aminos or tamari

1 splash of rice wine vinegar or apple cider vinegar

thinly sliced cucumber

thinly sliced red bell pepper

thawed shelled edamame

sliced avocado

cubed cream cheese

TJs Furikaake

Siracha Mayo

1/4 cup TJs Organic Mayonnaise

1 Tablespoon TJs Sriracha (more or less depending on tastes)

a splash of TJs Chili Sesame Oil (more or less depending on tastes)

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