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Trader Joe’s Pulled Pork Tamales

With Cinco de Mayo occurring this week, I thought we should have an easy yet fun dinner option other than tacos! The Cedar Land Authentic Mexican Style Pulled Pork Tamales from Trader Joe’s are fantastic. Although I love getting my tamales locally, that is not always possible, and these tamales taste fresh and genuinely authentic!! The red sauce that the pork is cooked in is just right: not too spicy, although full of flavor.

There are a few changes I like to make that I feel make a huge difference. The cooking directions on the package recommends microwaving them, although if possible, I would recommend preparing these in a steamer pot. I line these tamales up side-by-side in my steamer basket. Then I bring a few inches of water to a boil. Then, place the steamer basket with the tamales inside and put a lid on the pot. Steam these tamales for 13 minutes.

Then, plate these tamales up and drizzle a little warmed TJ’s enchilada sauce on top! I like to serve this with the TJs Southwestern Style Salad and the TJs Mexican Style Corn with Cojita Cheese which tastes like Mexican street corn but just easier and less messy to eat!

These tamales bring authentic Mexican flavors to dinner without having to leave the comfort of your home!! Your family is sure to love the soft corn masa exterior and the flavorful pork inside!! So, make some guacamole, add some chips and your tamales and have a little party!!

Pulled Pork Tamales

1-2 packages of Cedar Lane Pulled Pork Tamales (my family eats a lot of these, so I always prepare two packages.

1 Steamer pot

1 TJs Southwestern Style Salad

2 Packages of TJs Mexican Style Corn with Cojita Cheese

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Russell McKinney
Russell McKinney
23 feb 2023

They were a waste of money. 3.3 ounces of mush pork 12.2 ounces of masa. Buy a bag of maaa

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